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  • After surgery, a sore throat and earache on swallowing are to be expected. Encouraging fluids will help speed recovery from pain.
  • Taking liquids is most important for the elimination of throat pain. A mild elevation of temperature usually means the patient is not taking enough liquids.
  • Pain medication may be taken as needed. Tylenol® elixir, Tylenol® chewable, or Tylenol® with codeine elixir is recommended for pain. You will receive a prescription for Tylenol with codeine elixir if appropriate for the child's age. DO NOT USE ASPIRIN, ASPERGUM®, ADVIL®, MOTRIN® OR SIMILAR MEDICATIONS UNLESS DIRECTED TO DO SO BY YOUR PHYSICIAN.
  • Call our office at 913-764-2737 if child has a temperature elevation of 101º F or greater in the first 48 hours or persistent vomiting. For temperature elevation after 48 hours or development of a cough, call your pediatrician or primary care physician.


  • Encourage liquids.
  • No restrictions in diet.


  • The day of surgery, motor skills may be impaired.
  • Normal activities may be resumed the day after surgery.
  • Children may return to school within 1 to 2 days.