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Allergy Services - A simple test in our office determines allergic reaction and we customize every patient's treatment to their specific allergic reaction.

Audiology Services - We have two audiologists on our staff who are trained to recognize and evaluate hearing problems.

Balloon Sinuplasty - The FDA-cleared technology uses a small, flexible, sinus balloon catheter to open up blocked sinus passageways, restoring normal sinus drainage.

Dizziness Treatment - Dizziness is treatable but it is important for your doctor to help you determine the cause so that the correct treatment is used.

Ear Tube Placement - Ear tubes are often recommended when a person experiences repeated middle ear infection or has hearing loss caused by the persistent presence of middle ear fluid.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery - A trained surgeon can now treat sinusitis with minimal discomfort, a brief convalescence, and few complications.

Head and Neck Surgery - When found early, most cancers in the head and neck can be cured with little difficulty.

Hearing Aids - Hearing aid options, which are appropriate for your particular hearing loss and listening needs, the size, and shape of your ear and ear canal, and the dexterity of your hands will all be considered in deciding what type of hearing aid is the best for you.

Hearing Loss - People of all ages experience gradual hearing loss, often due to the natural aging process or long exposure to loud noise.

Hoarseness - Voice changes are related to disorders in the sound-producing parts (vocal cords or folds) of the voice box.

Salivary Gland Tumors - Malignant tumors of the major salivary glands can grow quickly, may be painful, and can cause loss of movement of part or all of the affected side of the face.

Somnoplasty - Somnoplasty is used not only to treat habitual snoring, but also chronic nasal congestion caused by enlarged turbinates, nasal blockage caused by deviated septum, and sleep apnea.

Thyroid Tumors - Patients with a family history or who had radiation therapy to the head or neck as children for acne, adenoids, or other reasons are more prone to develop thyroid malignancy.

Voice Disorders - Most changes in the voice result from a medical disorder. Failure to seek a physician's care can lead to hoarseness and more serious problems.